Complete French Coffee Press Set

coffee_pressEnjoy the perfect cup of coffee each morning with the Infinite Basics Complete French Coffee Press Set.  No more dull and stale flavors.  No more coffee grounds in your mouth to spoil the moment.  We help you create perfection when it comes to the art of coffee.

Use our press for coffee, espresso, tea, hot chocolate, frothed milk, lemonades, and much more.  No matter the occasion, our premium heat resistant Borosilicate glass French coffee press will deliver the perfect cup for years to come.












  • FLAWLESS COFFEE – Our high-quality design ensures you get perfectly untainted coffee each time.  Our Triple screen filtration system keeps absolutely all coffee grounds out of your coffee, and unlike other French Press machines, no plastic touches your coffee during brewing or pouring to give you a pure, clean taste.  When it comes to taste, Infinite Basics is simply the best coffee maker available.
  • A COMPLETE COFFEE SET – Not only will you receive our stylish and durable manual press coffee, espresso and tea maker (Makes approximately 1 liter/8 small cups), but you will also receive 1 stainless steel spoon, 2 matching coffee cups, 1 plastic spoon, and 3 spare filters.  Everything is included for the perfect morning cup of coffee.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – With easy to remove filter screens and parts, our French coffee press can be cleaned in minutes.  Simply use warm water, a mild detergent, and air dry.  No hard corners or small openings to clean.  A quick wash and rinse, and your coffee press will be ready for the next morning.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – Do you have a coffee and tea lover in your family?  The Infinite Basics French Coffee Press Set is the perfect gift for that particular connoisseur of coffee in your life.  By giving them the ability to create rich, delicious, creamy, and velvety brews, your friends and family will thank you for years to come.  Perfect for Christmas, Weddings, House Warming, Birthdays, and more.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – You’ll receive your French Coffee Press Set set in a delicately packed box with a 100% guarantee of safe arrival.  It never happened before but if you are not delighted with your purchase for any reason we offer full replacement or full money back guarantee including shipping costs, no questions asked.
  • Enjoy great coffee every day.  Simply select your favorite marketplace button below and discover the joy and relaxation of perfectly brewed coffee each and every morning.


With the Infinite Basics French Coffee Press you will receive:

  • Heat Resistant, Borosilicate Glass carafe. The high-quality construction makes it highly resistant to thermal shock.
  • Triple Screen Filtration System – Coffee Press comes with 3 pre-installed filters for the best filtration of coffee grounds getting into your tasteful coffee.
  • BONUS!! Plastic scooping spoon – Perfect for scooping coffee grounds.
  • BONUS!! Unique Stainless Steel spoon – Easily rests on the side of your cup, allowing for easy sipping.
  • BONUS!! Three spare filter screens – Easy to clean, and perfect to filter out all imperfections to give you pure extraction.
  • BONUS!! Two matching coffee cups.

For a limited time, we are including the above bonuses 1 Plastic Scooping Spoon, 1 Stainless Steel Spoon, 3 Spare Filter Screens, 2 matching cups ($30 Value!) so you can enjoy your wonderful French Press coffee with a friend or a loved one.

The Infinite Basics French Press Coffee Maker Set is durable, reliable, and the perfect edition to your morning.  You’ll see from our reviews that each customer is very satisfied and couldn’t be more happy with their purchase.

Our products are always 100% Guaranteed.  Order today, while supplies last, and get your 4 FREE BONUSES!

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